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smartabstract enables conference organizers to create a tailored review process.
Our team is on hand to answer queries from your reviewers quickly and competently.

Evaluation forms

The reviewer database is built around automated processes from imports up to allocations. Organizers maintain complete control throughout the review process. Evaluation forms and rating scores can be fully customize to match your specific requirements.

Reviewer invitation

Launch your review process by sending reviewers their personal logins. smartabstract enables reviewers to access their allocated abstracts only, and rate, comment on abstracts and recommend them up to the deadline. A reminder will be sent automatically to those who failed to review the abstracts.

The review process and results can be viewed by the programming committee at all times. Online overviews can be filtered, sorted and exported. A final report detailing all of the review data will put your programme planning on a solid footing.

Some more features

Apply custom review criteria, weighting and score systems to define your individual review process.

Abstracts and papers can be exchanged and commented in a multi-stage process between authors and peer reviewers.

Peer reviewers can download allocated abstracts as PDF files to print for offline processing.

Recommendations and comments are entered using input fields and are pre-sorted for the planning committee.

smartabstract facilitates the quick identification of biased peer reviewers, enabling the timely allocation of a substitute reviewer.

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