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Smart Abstract provides conference organizers with a reliable online portal for the submission of abstracts and conference papers as well as a competent, quick, and service-oriented support to authors.

Authors can log in to our secure portal to make their submissions. The contents of abstracts and papers can be edited at any time up to the deadline. After the deadline has expired, authors can access the portal to check on the presentation schedule and to print their abstracts and papers.

An abstracts submission wizard guides authors intuitively through the system. This step-by-step process covers the type of presentation, list of authors, topics or individual queries. The submission portal provides a reliable and secure solution for the submission of abstracts and their appendices. All submissions are confirmed automatically by email.

Real-time statistics and reports ensure you’re always up to date. Smart Abstract’s flexible design enables you to manage processes with ease – extend deadlines or send out another call with just a few clicks. All key data and abstracts are available online and can be exported as Excel or Word files.

Some more features

Abstracts of invited speakers can be submitted and managed easily independent from regualar abstract submissions.

Presentation types, addresses, topics, text forms and queries can be configured individually for each conference.

Any appendices concerning abstracts (figures, tables) or authors can be uploaded in a required format.

Smart Abstract can be configured to enable the submission of abstracts, abstract titles, institutional data and other details for presentations and programme specifications in English and German.

You can launch a separate process for late-breaking abstracts after the deadline has passed. This process can be set up independently of the ongoing peer review process.

Full papers, proceedings and manuscripts can be uploaded in the desired formats and made available for session presentations in a bundled format.

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