Organise your scientific programme with ease

  • Team work
  • Speaker management
  • Drag and drop

Create your conference programme with ease. The smart Planner allows you to schedule presentations and invited speakers. Assign them to sessions and sort them automatically or by drag-and-drop. Define session and provide authors with full information by email about their presentations. Publish your final book of abstracts with just a few clicks.

Our visual scheduling tool has everything you need to plan and publish your conference programme. In a graphical overview by rooms and times, the events can be easily positioned by drag-and-drop. Filter functions allow you to display only the areas you are currently working on.

Create the conference programme and book of abstracts out of the box for both printed and web-based presentations. Advanced interfaces are available for automated data transfers to the smart Conference app or the smart Program Web for personal schedules on-site.



Drag-and-drop elements in a visual interface to prepare or modify your conference programme easily.

Check the availability and status of invited speakers and create tailored lists in Excel for your team.

Detect overlapping bookings of speakers and rooms with the plausibility checker in our conference planner.

Categorize sessions and other programme items by type and topic. Plan your entire conference in a single system – from conference workshops to sessions, from symposia to keynote speeches, and from parallel conferences and to side programmes.

Roles and privileges enabling for instance individual logins to chairs for scheduling their own sessions.

A REST-interface ensures the swift delivery of data to our Conference App and personal session planners.

Scientific programm onlinesmart Program Web

The entire scientific program available on your website.

  • Always up to date
  • Personal program
  • Mobile design

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