Smart Abstract workflows

High-quality process management.

Automate time-consuming administrative tasks with custom workflow options.

Call for Abstract

Call for abstracts – Custom portals

Our team will create an abstract portal in your conference design. We work closely with conference organizers to create portals that are tailored to the individual requirements of each event. Smart Abstract provides organizers with templates for submission guidelines, workflows and schedules, as well as documents to support your project management and ensure the success of your Call for Abstracts.

Custom submission portal

Wizards – Guided from login to submission

A wizard guides authors through the abstract submission process. Smart Abstract provides forms that are informative and easy to navigate every step of the way. The clean look of the user interface ensures a smooth and uncomplicated submission process. Authors can log on to the system again at any time, edit abstracts right up to the deadline, or add more abstracts or papers. Authors receive unlimited support for technical questions relating to registration and submissions.

Guides submissions

Combine submission processes

Combine submissions

Invited speaker – Late-breaking and regualar abstracts

Smart Abstract provides individual processes for the submission of abstracts, proceedings etc. These processes can be combined flexibly for the easy integration of abstracts and papers from invited speakers or late-breakers. Two-tier submission and review processes can be implemented in which the status of a respective abstract or paper is clearly visible to the planning committee and easy to account for in planning processes.

Abstract submissions

Reviews – Easy allocation, custom forms

Our review module enables organizers to allocate abstracts and papers, deliver reviews, and assess reviews online.

Abstract review forms


Final abstract selection

Selection – Optimal planning tools

Smart Abstract can be used to filter abstracts submitted to the portal into categories before finalizing your selection. This step lays the groundwork for planning poster sessions or your conference programme. You can accept and decline abstracts, or pre-allocate abstracts to final presentation formats and topics. You work with icons, colours and filter features to ensure that you have a constant overview of the status, number and quality of contributions.

Final selection

Session planning – Save time, plan efficiently

Smart Abstract provides a range of options for conference scheduling. You can plan your book of abstracts or use the system to create a schedule for the scientific programme. Whichever option you choose, you will save time and enhance your planning capacity by using an integrated system complete with plausibility checks.

Conference planning - Schedule abstracts

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Conference communication

Mailings – Transparent communication

Keep your conference participants up to date with minimum effort. Smart Abstract provides mailing templates for communicating with authors and reviewers. Registration and abstract submissions are automatically confirmed. Smart Abstract utilizes personalized HTML emails exclusively. Text templates are available to support your project management. Smart Abstract can automatically integrate any relevant data in your mailing texts.

Mailings versenden

Reports – Work online and offline

Smart Abstract offers extensive functionality for exporting conference data directly to Word and Excel. Data required for individual tasks and processes can be accessed with a single click. The files are well formatted for immediate use. This module minimizes the user workload by enabling you to configure the contents, layouts, and volume of exports.

Reporting tools

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Conference publishing

Finalization – Book of abstracts, mobile app ...

Smart Abstract provides cost-effective solutions that are easy to implement for the presentation of your conference. Our basic package includes a book of abstracts in a form that is almost ready to print. With Smart Abstract you can also deliver the book of abstracts on a USB stick or as a web-based application. High-end solutions are the conference programme on a mobile app or a web-based conference planner for your conference attendees.

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