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The smart Conference App is the perfect app for scientific conferences. It offers a multiplicity of functions tailor-made to meet the specific needs of both organisers and visitors.

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Conference Programme

The app's core feature is to present the conference programme clearly. Different viewing modes enable visitors to access content just the way they prefer. There is a choice of lists presenting the programme day-by-day or structured in terms of session type or tracks, colour coding offers intuitive access and individual viewing modes present the subjects of individual sessions and presentations clearly.

Personalized Schedules

For attendees, the ability to create their own individual conference programme is a key advantage of the app. Sessions, speakers or exhibitors can be bookmarked and relevant notes entered.

A reminder notifies attendees in good time when their activities are about to take place. All schedules can be exported to the personal calender of own mobile devices.

Exhibitors & Sponsors

The Smart Conference App offers a wide range of options for exhibitors' presentations and for the implementation of a structured sponsorship plan. Include exhibitors with logos, descriptions, contact information and let attendees find their booth by interactive floor plans. Place sponsors prominently by advertising banners tied to other sponsorship oportunities.

Speakers & Contributers

Those taking part in a conference can be introduced very effectively using the Smart Conference App. Both academic and personal profiles can be supplemented as required with a photograph, a short biography and details of the person's role in the event.

Push Messages

Push messages have many different uses and often make an app much more valuable, whether it's to keep visitors updated on important programme changes in real time or to notify them of recommended sessions and corporate presentations.

The organisation team can manage all push messages online both before and during a conference. Messages can therefore be sent to all app users immediately or at a specified time.

Floor Plans

For fast location of exhibitors and where sessions are taking place, the app provides zoomable floor plans. In order to make the orientation even more intuitive for visitors, interactive plans showing clickable locations can also be integrated – simply let us know what you need!


Give the visitors all the important information – abstracts, session descriptions, registration details, contact partner or fringe activities. These contents can be entered easily into the app and then updated at any time as required.


The search function can be used to access details of presentations, sessions and contributors quickly and directly. Searches can cover either individual lists or the entire programme.

Platforms & Languages

The Smart Conference Appis available for all Apple (iPhone, iPad…) and all Android-based smartphones and tablets. Availability through the relevant app stores makes it so easy to advertise conferences the modern way and make them more attractive to potential visitors.

The basic version of the app features German and English language support. A French interface and other multilingual capabilities can be implemented upon request – just tell us your requirements!

Conference Design

Your conference's own design can be reproduced easily and effectively in the Smart Conference App. There are no limits to what you can do in terms of individualised presentation using colour selection, start screen design, conference banners, app icons etc.

And it's not only the look that can be customised – the individual organiser's content structure can be reflected as well, e.g. in the naming and listing of menu items.

Anything we've not covered yet?

An app feature, a modification option, a piece of information? Do let us know – the solution may be much simpler than you think!

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